Dropout Dumpling 2x7"

by Ana Threat

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From the liner notes:

"Dropout Dumpling: The Bongo Banging Film Sensation That Never Was...

In the late 1970s, retired North American exploitation producer Artie Wurster traveled to Vienna with a mission: he would jump the recent 'retro' craze, and capitalize on American hipsters' longing for dated European Beatnik Chic, by shooting a 1950s-themed Juvenile Delinquent movie against the exotic backdrop of the age-old city nestled in the Austro-Hungarian Puszta plains. Wurster soon recruited Greta Schnitzelmann, a recent dropout of Vienna Film Academy, who was handed a catchy title (Dropout Dumpling!), a poster ripped from a 50s pulp novel, and 10 000 Dollars in cash, and told that the finished movie was expected within three weeks.

In search for cheap cast and crew, the filmmaker approached Ana Threat, a young local garage musician struggling to make ends meet by playing the night clubs of Vienna's First District (and the less glamorous Heurigen just outside the Northwestern city limits). Threat was offered the leading role of Bretzel Krake Hoffer (a high school hellcat with a proto-feminist touch), and total creative control of the entire musical soundtrack. Though Threat had never acted before, she jumped at the opportunity, and plunged head-on into composing, arranging, and recording a collection of tracks in her Meidling cellar atelier. We do not know whether it was lack of a financial advance or egomania that led Ms. Threat to playing all her instruments herself - including the insane bongo-and-recorder solo on the album's closing track. Sources close to the musician insist that all recording work was finished within one single day.

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to both Wurster and Threat, Ms. Schnitzelmann spent the better part of the production budget at a Reinprechtsdorferstrasse bookmaker a mere week upon bagging it. The mishap was discovered only when Schnitzelmann failed to turn up on set for the second, and final, week of shooting. Tragic aftermath ensued: Schnitzelmann's whereabouts remain unknown until today, Dropout Dumpling! was never finished, and none of the crew ever saw a cent for their efforts. While Wurster returned to the States in a funk, Threat unsuccessfully tried to sell her recordings to Command Records.

Luckily, Ana Threat hung on to her work throughout the hard years to follow, and recently donated the original 1/4" magnetic master tapes to our archive, expressing the wish that they may finally find their way to a vinyl release. Needless to say, we are stoked to oblige. The stellar instrumental selections that we showcase here today comprise four of the six tracks Threat assembled for the film. Verdict: Bretzel, you still run this school all by yourself!

Miriam L. Miller, Favoriten Phonograph and Recordings Archive, Vienna X"



released October 31, 2013




Ana Threat Wien, Austria

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